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Leonardo da Vinci the true inventor of paint by numbers.

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci created and painted the first paint by numbers?   Leonardo da Vinci wanted to help his students learn difficult painting concepts, so he made the first canvas with numbers that his students followed. In a sense, we all are Leonardo da Vinci students six hundred years later. I am updating my Facebook profile right now!   Painting also makes you smarter. When your left side of the brain communicates with the right side, the connection grows stronger; in short, it makes you smarter. When you paint, you allow your brains left and right...

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Why Paint by Numbers is So Relaxing?

Hi, Olivia here.I wanted to share with you why painting can be so good for your wellbeing.  You probably know about the benefits of meditation or solving sudoku: painting by numbers is very similar.Be like a monk.Painting by numbers will soothe your mind, just like meditation. You will be focused for an extended period of time. In the case of meditation, you probably need to be a Shaolin monk to meditate for hours. With paint by numbers, you will unleash your inner monk by focusing for hours over your masterpiece, and that without years of training or shaving your hair....

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