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The Joy of Painting

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As a child, I always loved painting with my father. As I grew older responsibilities took my free time from me. As often as I could, I would sit in my room and paint and think about simpler times. Years went by. I moved out and picked up new hobbies and stopped pursuing painting.

After I have graduated, my father passed away. I would often sit alone and think about the precious time I spent with him, painting. I decided to bring the joy of painting to as many people as I could. The All Heart Paint by numbers was born. I am happy that I can give someone a precious moment as I had with my father, painting. People paint with loved ones or alone as a creative outlet. Painting is also a step in self-love and care. I love that I can be a part of that.

Here's how it all started - Olivia.

The beginning.

Everything started when I could not get a paint by numbers set of decent quality. I had problems with PBN sets available on the market. Sometimes delivery could take as long as three weeks. There was no support after a purchase. Quality of canvases was low. In my mind, the painting was supposed to be extremely enjoyable. The experience of buying a PBN set took a lot of my enjoyment out of the whole process. I decided to make paint by numbers that everyone would enjoy hassle-free. Something that my father would be proud of.

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Our promise.

I love painting, and I want to give you the best experience possible. All Heart sets are created with love and from the best quality materials. We have sixty days money-back policy guaranteed. I want to think that our sets are the best in the UK. I am proud of what we have to give, and I hope that memories created are as perfect as memories I have of me and my father painting.

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