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Underwater World

Another lovely canvas finished!
Love painting these - Paint by Numbers - my lockdown saviours, very easy to paint with vibrant colours!


I am very pleased with the end result of this painting. Wasn't too sure of a couple of colours so I played around with them until I was happy with them. Really pleased with comments when I sent picture to family and friends!

Abstract Chinese Deer
Karen Lawrenson
Chinese Deer

Another lovely canvas completed!
Great selection of kits to order from this family run company, kits arrive quickly! Give a review and you receive a discount!
What's not to like?

Out Of Store
Jackie Irvine

Fast delivery. Great picture. Delighted with results.

Very good

Done quite a few paint by numbers that where a lot more expensive this one was excellent quality and value for the money It arrived very quickly. Did have to iron canvas to remove some wrinkles but that was no problem Will buy again as it's a good way to keep you occupied

Thank you Brian! :)

Olivia Williams

Out Of Store
Isabelle Brassard
Mr Deer

Great project during the lock down. This is my first paint by number! Not easy for my first but very interesting. My daughter ordered the Panda. It looks easier. For the deer it is 24 colors. Canvas, brushes and paint are very well quality. Not finished yet but enjoying every minute ! Will buy again. Great design.

The Great Empire: Pagoda - Paint By Numbers Set
fred Cooksley
Grate Empire Pagoda

excellent painting one of the most interesting paintings so far. Have done a variety of paintings and this one was different. The delivery was quick and in good condition on arrival. I am in the process of finishing this one and it looks good.

Out Of Store
Karen Lawrenson
Houses of Munich

If you like a challenge, then this is for you! Lovely colourful painting. A great pastime

Out Of Store
Karen Lawrenson
Fantastic Service

Will definitely be ordering from All Heart again.
Arrived on time! Great value for money!

Ballerina Stretching - Paint By Numbers Set
Jake Payne


African - Paint By Numbers Set
Donna-Lee Jones
Black woman and big cats

Only just started it but it is coming along. Superbly packaged - rolled and boxed so need to iron out creases as some cheaper paint by numbers.

Wooden DIY Frame 40x50cm
David Pay
Vintage car

The frame really sets off the finished painting

Biodiversity - Paint By Numbers Set - 991995
Mr Roger Osbourne
Best so far!

I really enjoyed completing this picture. The colours are really accurate and realistic.

Out Of Store
David Pay
Looking forward to doing this

Looking forward to doing this picture drawing on my technique learnt from a previous one which I have just finished

Red Square - Paint By Numbers Set - 1314

Arrived quickly and efficiently in a tube so that it didn't get creased. Paintbrushes and paints all there and no mixing required.
I ordered this for the lockdown (covid-19) and have nearly finished. It's given me a task to do everyday. I've loved it and recommend this company. 5 stars!

Out Of Store
Olivia Hickman
Such a fun activity

Really lovely quality paints and brushes. Easy enough for beginners but will take a while

Wooden DIY Frame 40x50cm
In quarantine
Tree of hope

I ordered this to keep me entertained during the pandemic lockdown . I watched a YouTube review to help me put the frame together - sanded down edges to make it fit . It also provided with me other helpful tips such as using one colour at a time - darkest colours first . Loving it - therapeutic and relaxing . I’ve only just started it but it is looking good and can’t wait to see the final result . Very happy with the purchase- highly recommend .

Red Flower River - Paint By Numbers Set - 1390
Elizabeth Mcfarlane
Blossom leaves

Five star rating one of the best paintings I have enjoyed doing for a long time ,loved every minute of it.

Out Of Store
Joanna McGarva

A work in progress but my daughter is really enjoying it. Keen to order more!

Dali picture

Absolutely delighted with this product. Came on a roll so no creases in canvas. Colours just as advertised. Finished picture fantastic. Couldn’t be happier.

Mother Nature: The Waterfall - Paint By Numbers Set
Terry Reynolds

A good all round kit strong colours

Out Of Store
Stevie Webster
Better than I thought

Prompt delivery and all the kit you need. It wasn’t as detailed as I thought it would be so I suggest this is better for a beginner. The coverage was a bit lacking on some of the colours and I had to do two coats to get a clean finish without the streaks. Also, a 2nd copy of the picture would have been useful so that when you make an error you can refer to the paper copy to see which colour you should have used (or want to use again for your 2nd coat), and I see others have suggested the same thing. On the whole I was pleased with the end result for my first painting with this company.

Wooden DIY Frame 40x50cm
1st timer

Decided to give painting by numbers a go. Everything you need to get going (plus I improvised with a stapler!) Quite detailed image to begin with but I found it very relaxing! Clear instructions you really can’t go wrong! Quick delivery too!

Little Girl Collecting Beach Shells - Paint By Numbers Set
christopher hopkins
My painting

Quality very good easy to follow numbers

Mother Nature

I loved painting this, it was very detailed and intricate. The paints are bright and good quality. My only criticism is that the canvas was quite creased on arrival and even after ironing you can still see creases on finished painting. I enjoy this relaxing hobby.

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