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Tips and Tricks



Our kit houses every item you will need to create an amazing piece. Here is how you should take care of the brushes:

  • Always cover your paints that are not in use. Without a cover, paints will dry out quickly.
  • If you applied an unwanted colour, leave it to dry and then cover it with the desired colour.
  • Wash your paintbrush before using another colour. At the end of the painting, clean and place the brush in the kit.


Some tips you might love before you begin:

  • Paint in an area with good light to produce an outstanding painting.
  • Protect your surface with the help of a plastic tablecloth or a newspaper.
  • Don’t forget to have water nearby to clean the brushes when using another colour.
  • Make sure to have some cloth close by to dry your brush when washed.


Let’s jump to the painting process…

Sometimes wrinkles form at the canvas as it is packed in a roll. Postmen are not always that careful. Before you start painting, make sure your canvas doesn’t have any wrinkles. Here are some tips on how to remove any wrinkles from your canvas:

Best Option - FLAT IRONING

Canvases are made out of cotton or linen and so, they can be ironed. You can remove wrinkles from canvas by ironing it. The heat of the iron should be medium-high. Take a thick towel, place the canvas face down on it, spray it with water, and iron it. If done properly, there will be no wrinkles within seconds.


If you are afraid that you might end up burning your canvas, this option is for you. Lay down the canvas on a levelled surface and dampen it. Start removing the wrinkles with your hands, use a rolling pan to roll them out. Don’t forget to apply a little pressure each time. Leave it to dry and find it wrinkle-free.


As the name suggests, it is important to match the colours with numbers while painting. Make sure that when you pick a colour, you paint all the numbers matched with it before moving to the next colour.

Give the paint proper time to dry out. Keep washing your brush while painting. Washing your brushes will help prevent colours getting mixed.


An extra layer of paint may be required to completely cover the numbers, but make sure to be careful with the process and to not use too much paint. For the numbers that have already been painted over, use the paper reference sheet to double check.

Something to keep in mind for your All Heart Paint By Numbers Kit is to follow a top-down approach. Always start at the top and gradually work your way down. In order to prevent smudging the paint with your hand, prioritize working on the smaller areas first.




  • You are free to use a magnifying glass to properly paint the smaller and trickier areas.
  • If it is your first painting, practice on a blank paper first. It will give you an idea of the amount of the paint you should use for good results.
  • Patience is the key to a remarkable painting. Let the paints dry before you start painting another area to avoid mixing of colours.

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